What is EasyPad for?

EasyPad helps to make notices for your projects and to share them with others.

For every project create a new EasyPad page. You get an unique URL which you can save into your bookmarks or send to others to collaborate.

Everyone who knows this URL can see and edit the page.

Take a look at this page for more informations
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Create a new EasyPad page?

This is what Wikipedia says about real-time collaborative editing (RTCE):
A collaborative editor is a form of collaborative software application that allows several people to edit a computer file using different computers, a practice called collaborative editing. There are two types of collaborative editing: real-time and non-real-time. In real-time collaborative editing (RTCE), users can edit the same file simultaneously, whereas in Non-real-time collaborative editing, the users do not edit the same file at the same time (similar to revision control systems). Collaborative real-time editors generally permit both the above modes of editing in any given instance.
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Le ayuda a hacer avisos para sus proyectos y a compartirlos y editarlos con otros.